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3rd Division Reunion Info


Lima Company 3/3 Reunion

31 May thru 3 June  2007  - in Naperville, Il - outside of Chicago

This is going to be a good one - Contact Frank Pavone for info 




Click here for your Registration Form

     1st battalion 3rd Marines reunion 

 2nd battalion 9th marines  Reunion

                As usual the dates of the reunion will be the same. They will be on November 9,10 and 11. That will be on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday. If you wish to get an early start the telephone number is 1-800-424-1501. Mention the 2/9 reunion and Group Number 2013. Singles, Doubles, Triples, Quads are all $75.00. And be sure to get a confirmation number! And be sure to get a confirmation number! And be sure to get a confirmation number! I repeat myself but it is necessary that you get a confirmation number and periodically check with the hotel. I had a phone call from a couple of men who made early reservations and when they checked on their rooms the hotel had no registration for them. And at the time they checked there were no rooms left. I have blocked 65 rooms. At this past reunion the hotel was completely booked by September. -   

                                for more information on 2/9 Reunion click here 


  3rd Battalion 3rd marines  Reunion              

July 15-20, 2008
Grosvenor Resort Hotel
Reunion Agenda, Registration and Hotel

The reunion info is now posted on CalTrap's site...at:  Third Marine Division Association
Check back there occasionally for updates....

There are roughly 1,200 of the 8,041 rostered alumi located to date....That leaves only around 6,000 to find.... pick a name... or several.... take the plunge... hint hint. go to www.thirdmarines.org 

Doc Hoppy


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