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  Hanoi Jane - The Traitor Fonda goes on Hanoi Radio - Take the pole after reading the story

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Vietnam Operations By Name - List includes Dates, Area and Casualties on both sides

The Strange Case of PFC Robert Garwood  The 1st Marine POW, Garwood was Captured by the Cong in September 1965 outside DaNang, Was he a Deserter or just another victim of the war ?

By:  Jack Swallows  Lt Colonel U.S.M.C. Retired

Gunny R. Lee Ermey was a DI in San Diego from early 1965 to early 1967 as a SGT E-5 and SSGT E-6 - he served in Nam from 1967 till his discharge in 1969, and he's been married to the same woman for 38 years, He's definitely not your typical Hollywood type

Ermey would have made one hell of a good SGT Major, unfortunately the management of that Damn War ran off many good Marines.

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